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McAfee SpamKiller

McAfee® SpamKiller

  • Keeps inboxes free from unwanted and inappropriate email.
  • Removes your email address from spam lists.
  • Enhances anti-virus defenses such as McAfee® VirusScan®.
  • Updates automatically to protect against new threats.

New anti-spam laws alone won't prevent credit card scams, embarrassing product pitches and other annoying messages from flooding your inbox. Your best reply is McAfee SpamKiller, our improved junk email blocker now with better email filtering, automatic updating and easier-to-use setup. It's ideal for MSN/Hotmail accounts, MS Outlook and other email programs.

Modern spam-blocking tools and an easy-to-use Personal Filter Editor help stop identity theft, blacklist spammers and prevent the spread of Internet viruses-which often arrive inside spam attachments-while allowing legitimate email from friends, family and co-workers to arrive safely and with fewer false positives. McAfee SpamKiller even learns from your email. The more you block, the smarter it gets in stopping unwelcome messages.

Buy it now for only: $29.99


  • Improved! Comprehensive Spam Blocking
    McAfee SpamKiller's enhanced, self-learning Bayes filtering engine automatically scans, identifies and removes most junk email from your inbox, including foreign language spam, offensive come-ons children shouldn't see, and messages carrying virus attachments.
  • Scam Filtering
    Helps identify and stop virus hoaxes, fraudulent product pitches and "Phishing Attacks"-spoof emails that try to fool you into revealing credit card information.
  • Improved! Personal Filter Editor
    Helps you quickly and easily fine-tune your spam traps.
  • Automatic Filter Updating*
    Downloads and installs McAfee's latest anti-spam filters to answer new threats from spammers.
  • MS Outlook Toolbar Integration
    McAfee SpamKiller integrates directly with MS Outlook/Outlook Express for easy-to-use spam blocking directly from within your email client. Now includes full Outlook 2003 support and POP3-only support in Outlook.
  • Editable Friends List
    Easily imports then recognizes friends' email addresses, helping reduce "false positives" (messages mistakenly labeled spam).
  • Improved! Whitelisting
    Enables you to immediately "rescue all" blocked messages from the same sender or from a newly added friend.
  • NEW! Invisible Text & Image Filtering
    Zeroes in on colorless content and telltale code inside image-only or image-heavy emails that spammers use to evade anti-spam engines.
  • NEW! Intentional Misspelling Filtering
    Helps stop spam with camouflaged content, e.g., m0rtga.ge in place of mortgage.
  • Dictionary Attack Filtering
    Defeats name-generating software tactics spammers employ to randomly find your email address (e.g., dawn1@domain.com, dawn2@domain.com).
  • One-Click Block
    Instantly generates content- & sender-based filter blockers-helping "fingerprint" spammers and permanently block similar spam from reaching your inbox.
  • Spam List Removal & Reporting
    McAfee SpamKiller replies with fake error messages to fool spammers into thinking your email address is invalid. Also notifies Web hosts and Internet Service Providers of spam abuse.
  • Filters Multiple Email Accounts
    Free live instant message and email technical support

*One year of anti-spam filter updates with purchase of McAfee SpamKiller; annual renewal available online for subsequent anti-spam filter updates.

Technical note: SpamKiller supports MSN/Hotmail, POP3 and MAPI email accounts, but currently does not filter AOL, Yahoo! or other Web-based email. Most Internet email systems use POP3 accounts. By directly supporting multiple client-based email applications (Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape etc.) and Web-based email clients (MSN/Hotmail), SpamKiller enables you to benefit from its advanced filtering without forcing you to change how you access and read your email.

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