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SOHO Networking

Using computers in a professional environment without any kind of network is unthinkable these days. From the dial-up connection off a employee's laptop to the company information distributed on an Intranet via wide area networks (WAN), networks are essential to a company's success.

However, many small businesses while having two or more computers are not taking advantage of the many benefits of a small office network. Small office (or home office) networking offers many benefits such as:

  • File Sharing - The ability to make networked resources available across the network.
  • Print Sharing - One printer used by multiple users. (lower total cost of ownership)
  • Scanner Sharing - One scanner used by multiple users. (lower total cost of ownership)
  • Internet Connection Sharing - One connection used by everyone in the office. (lower total cost of ownership)
  • Fault Tolerance - It only takes one file to be corrupted to make your business come to a screeching halt.
  • Security - take charge of who has access to your critical business systems and files.
  • Remote Access - With VPN (Virtual Private Networking) retrieve e-mail and access business files from your home.

Networking may seem complicated and costly. The fact is, networking has become critical for a business' success and as such, given the market of technologies, has become less complicated and less costly!

If your business is considering networking as a possible business solution, consider contacting us. We specialize in Small Office/Home Office networking.

At The Net Workz, Inc. we will LISTEN to your needs and concerns. Our business depends on your success. The Net Workz, Inc. is dedicated to providing those services that your business or home office needs at a cost that will surprise you.

Our SOHO promise:

  • The Net Workz, Inc. will meet with your business at your convenience.
  • The Net Workz, Inc. will LISTEN to your needs and concerns.
  • The Net Workz, Inc. will prepare a written proposal addressing your stated needs and proposed solutions.
  • The Net Workz, Inc. will either attempt to transfer the knowledge necessary to support your SOHO network to you or else suggest a backup source of long term support.
  • Lastly, the initial consultation is FREE, the proposal is FREE. We only ask for the opportunity to help you make your business more effective, profitable and secure.

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